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Succulent food from Seven Wells

Seven Wells has a full range of meats available, and we are expert in recommending the cuts that will suit your taste and your budget. We pride ourselves on helping you to create delicious meals for your family, so take a look through this selection and come and visit us in store.

Seven Wells Beef

The Perfect Seven Wells Steak

We select only the best beef from our own herd to be sold in our family-owned and run butchers shop here in Oundle. We offer a range of cuts prepared by a team of master butchers, and through careful and expert maturing for at least 21 days, you can be sure that Seven Wells beef is full of flavour and of exceptional quality.

Veal is increasingly popular and we ensure that all our veal is sourced from ethical farmers in England.

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The Perfect Seven Wells pork joint

Seven Wells offers exceptional quality and standards in the meats offered for sale, so naturally we searched the region to find the perfect partner to supply pork. We are delighted to be a registered supplier of the famous Blythburgh Free Range Pork.

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The Perfect Seven Wells lamb joint

Seven Wells sources lamb locally so whenever possible over two of the most widely used meats in meals today you can be sure of fewer food miles when you shop with us. Spring lamb is always highly popular, and mutton is a rising star on menus in all families.

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The Perfect Seven Wells Chicken

We have an excellent partnership with a regional supplier, who ensures that we have both Free Range chickens and ethically raised barn reared chickens with excellent welfare standards - enabling real choice for our customers and their budget.

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Turkey & Duck

The Perfect Seven Wells Turkey & Duck

We use dedicated local producers to supply succulent, tasty birds - turkey, cockerels, and geese. These birds are more often requested in the festive periods yet Seven Wells supplies throughout the year. Our Bressingham Duck is a particular favourite, and serves beautifully as part of our very own recipes.

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The Perfect Seven Wells Turkey & Duck

Seasonal game is sourced through the Seven Wells Farm Shoot, and this includes pheasant and partridge. Our wild venison is local and renowned for its flavour and beautiful texture - truly an exceptional meat with a low fat content which makes it a very healthy option. We can also supply grouse, quail, and pigeon.

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You can't get better than Seven Wells beef. Home bred and home fed, our calves suckle with their mothers until they have naturally weaned on to our superior cereal blend and grass mix diet out in our pastures. We care for our cattle over the winter in custom made barns and they go back out to pasture for a second year in summertime. Here at Seven Wells we believe that it is the result of home blended food, clean straw, and the right amount of time with their mothers that makes our cattle contented. Our Quality is assured from birth right through until we offer beef for sale in our family-owned butchers as we have been caring from farm to fork. Our industry Quality mark comes from Eblex

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